Yogic Counseling

Yogic counseling offered by appointment with Mandeep

Mandeep has a gift and years of experience and immersion in therapeutic yoga, beginners basics, and in teaching students how to meditate.

Yogic Counseling can provide a platform and intuitive insight in which you can release and literally remove old patterns, self destructive habits, creating a Happier, Healthier, Holier YOU!

The teachings of yoga have always been verbally and energetically passed from Teacher to Student for thousands of years. In this time-honored tradition Mandeep offers the teachings of Yoga & Meditation, transferring these pure, unbroken traditional methods directly to the student.

Her personality is very relaxed, nurturing, wise, with a great sense of humor. Your time spent with her creates a beautiful energetic healing exchange that is transformative on many levels. 

Yogic Counseling Session

Yogic Counseling

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$65 with a yogic prescription of meditation/movement/nutrition/mantra

Offered by donation when neccassary

Be sure to call Mandeep at (702) 998-3117 or use the contact form to schedule your appointment.
You can pay either at the time of your

appointment or thru PayPal.