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Vibrational Therapy utilizing the Himalayan Singing/Healing 7 Sacred Metal Bowls & The Sacred Gong

7 Sacred Metal Bowls: Historians believe that metal working Artisans perfected the techniques for making traditional Himalayan singing bowls nearly 2500 years ago at the time of Buddha’s birth. There is a rich tradition of oral history that tells us the bowls came to Tibet and Nepal from India around the same time that Buddhism was introduced to this area by the great Buddhist Master Padmasambhava – roughly 8th Century A.D.

The Lineage of the Serenity Tibet 7 sacred metal bowls originate from the high Himalayan valley of Kathmandu. These are the bowls that Mandeep Kaur uses for her Sound Healing Sessions.

The sound made by the bowls is both captivating and calming. Singing Bowls are often used as Meditation Aids – creating mindfulness with the sound of the bell.

Using the Healing Bowls – Mandeep carefully creates the sounds according to the specific protocol to release negative energy and obtain mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing through the sound and vibration of the bowls.

Your body is made of 70% water, so when the bowls are struck the vibration they create in your bodies water is a Mandala (healing energetic pattern) which is healing and relaxing.

Prayer and Mantra’s are an important part of the healing experience with the singing/healing bowls but belief in a particular religion is not a requirement. You can use your own faith, whatever it may be, to tap into the healing power of this beautiful art.

Bowls are placed around the participant lying on a therapeutic massage table and therapeutic/heated Bio Mat. The Bio Mat creates an increased circulation and immediate relaxation effect along with pain relief.

For more information on benefits of deep infrared that the Bio Mat can offer, review

The vibrational treatment is maximized with this additional therapeutic aspect.  Bowls can also be filled with warm water for an even deeper healing experience. Participants often fall asleep with profound results upon awakening! 

Vibrational Therapy

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