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18 AUG 2019, The Art of Being Prosperous! Kundalini Yoga with Mandeep Khalsa

  • Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op 701 East Bridger Avenue Las Vegas, NV, 89101 United States (map)
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The Art of Being Prosperous!
Kundalini Yoga with Mandeep Khalsa
Sunday August 18th 10:30 to Noon

What can you do to bring Prosperity into your life? Prosperity doesn’t mean you have wealth, health, and happiness. Prosperity is like a when a rosebud flowers and open and shares it’s fragrance. This only lasts a few days and during that time the rose is prosperous. When a man or woman is prosperous it is the fragrance of security, grace, depth, character and truthfulness that a person can share. This is the way a human emits prosperity. Here in Las Vegas a big part of what goes on here is about Money. Money is a medium, it’s not the ultimate solution. What you say? Or maybe you have an aversion to money subscribing to the BS (belief system) - Money is the root of all evil; well check this out: Money is a neutral medium, it’s the energy that you put towards it that makes it either work for you or against you. I personally have come to love money and am so very grateful for the money that flows to me and through me. I am dedicated to work on myself and am utilizing money as a neutral medium to support my purpose and dharmic path. My personal practice is super important in this equation which all creates a flow of prosperity that continues to be Richly Abundant. My grace, depth, character and truthfulness are shared freely and consciously! In this class we will be experiencing specific kriyas, meditations and unique sound currents for Prosperity to awaken our awareness of being a Spiritual Being with unlimited potential! The Gong will flow, heal and transform any blocks into power station pyramids. This class will most likely continue into a second or even third group class offering. Shift happens when you do your work and connect your pieces back together to Re-Create an Authentic Graceful True Self experience. Yes, you can Feel and Live Abundantly with Prosperity richly flowing!
All Ages, All Levels, All are welcome.

Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op • 701 E Bridger Ave Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89101 |  (702) 308 5870
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