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14 JULY 2019, The Art of Being Healthy! Kundalini Yoga with Mandeep Khalsa

  • Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op 701 East Bridger Avenue Las Vegas, NV, 89101 United States (map)
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The Art of Being Healthy!
Kundalini Yoga with Mandeep Khalsa
Sunday July 14th 10:30 - Noon

Being Healthy can mean many things - are you physically healthy, are you mentally healthy, are you relationship healthy, are you financially healthy and so forth and so on. In this Yoga of Awareness experience guided by Mandeep, a professional Yoga & Meditation teacher for over 20 years, you will be creating an step by step awareness map and guidance to create positive Health in all areas of Being You. Your physical health will be addressed with Kriya - a series of movements with a specific outcome that are combined with breath, mudras, and asana; your mental health will be addressed with Kundalini Meditation - epic mind training for the modern Jedi; your relationship and financial health will be addressed through the quantum energy absorption created by our group consciousness and of course your unique frequency in the Earth Global Matrix we are creating in this moment. The Gong will play an intrinsic role in solidifying and reinforcing all of your efforts in our deep relaxation experience. Ready!!?? Of course You Are! Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring water, bring a friend and most importantly just Bring You! All Levels, All Ages. This is going to be awesome!

Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op • 701 E Bridger Ave Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89101 |  (702) 308 5870
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