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Recovery = Self Discovery | Yogic Science For Addictive Behavior With Mandeep

Recovery = Self Discovery

Yogic  Science  For  Addictive  Behavior  With  Mandeep

Saturday June 1st,  4pm to 6:30pm  

$35 advance  $40 door

Refreshments served during and afterwards 

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness.  It is precise and scientific.  This practice gives an intuitive response to life’s challenges with greater flexibility, confidence and stamina.  It supports an experience of our Spiritual Identity.  Yoga’s therapeutic effects, enables the glandular system (the guardians of our health) to secrete in balanced proportion to each other, while strengthening the nervous system which most likely has been compromised and weakened by substances and/or extreme stress.  It balances the neuron patterns of the brain which affects addictive behavior.  in this workshop we will be experiencing specialized sets or kriyas designed to eliminate one’s dependence on external fulfillment by creating greater self awareness and self control.  This is a system of training for success!  The neuron patterning of the brain must be changed in order to affect consciousness.  You can only change addictive behavior when your Consciousness is expanded and heightened.  A common cause of addictions is Spiritual Emptiness coupled with an fearful inability to face reality.  This results in the need to take external substances or engage in other forms of addictive behavior external stimulation to boost energy levels and to cope with stress.  We will be generating energy within instead of relying on external gratifications all accomplished in a systematic and scientific manner. Simple, easy to follow hand outs for home practice and continued guidance will be provided as well as information on continuing Kundalini Classes with Mandeep to Keep Up your Self Discovery!

Mandeep has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years and experienced a quantum recovery from an active 30 year plus addiction with Kundalini Yoga.  Her classes are engaging, fun,  heart centered, informative and very relaxing as she always incorporates Mantra and Sound Healing with the Gong.  Being of Service and Creating Community are key elements for Mandeep’s inspiration of “Love in Action”!

Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op • 701 E Bridger Ave Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89101 |  (702) 308 5870

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