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13 OCT 2019, The Art of Being in the Vast Lane! Kundalini Yoga with Mandeep Khalsa

  • Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op 701 East Bridger Avenue Las Vegas, NV, 89101 United States (map)
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The Art of Being in the Vast Lane

Sunday October 13, 10am - 11:30am

$17 for single $30 for any 2 classes (good for 90 days after purchase), OR $70 for any 5 classes! (good for $120 days after purchase)

Despite the law of averages, we are not meant to be average. We are all born to blossom. Kundalini Yoga activates the sun inside so that our power and purpose can come to full flower. Every thought, action, desire or perception and emotion is the expression of internal forces or drives. If we can master these forces we can be masters of our own destiny. Through the elevation of Kundalini energy, a man or woman finds the strength to experience truth, manifest compassion and courage and give love without reserve. In this Aquarian Age we are all meant to be teachers and guides to one another all while Being in the Vast Lane! Join Mandeep this Sunday morning for a Self Exalted Experience utilizing the technology & science of Kundalini Kriya, Meditation, Breathwork, Relaxation and the GONG to inspire you to Live your Life in the Vast Lane.

Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op • 701 E Bridger Ave Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89101 |  (702) 308 5870
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