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5th OCT, SAT - Awaken the Energetic Code of your Soul’s Purpose A Kundalini Yoga Experience with Mandeep - at the Vegas Yoga Festival!

  • Las Vegas Yoga Festival 333 South Valley View Boulevard Las Vegas, NV, 89107 United States (map)

Awaken the Energetic Code of your Soul’s Purpose

A Kundalini Yoga Experience with Mandeep

Vegas Yoga Festival

Sat, Oct 5th, 2019

4pm - 5pm


We are on the cusp of big changes in 2020 and the creative powers of the Heavens are now working with us all to “Wake Up!” . It can almost feel like you’ve spent most of your life, trudging along in a limited way of being, when suddenly the shutters are pulled back from the windows and there is an awakening light streaming in, revealing a new possibility and potential. So many of us are sick of the “same old, same old,” and the monotony and routine are killing us at a certain level. You can’t "Be the Light" until you can at least "See the Light" so “Game On!” and get your Prana moving to be Bold and Daring!! In this dynamic, Prana enhancing community class, Mandeep will guide us with a Kundalini Kriya with a healing breath practice which will elevate our energy to align and activate our frequency codes so we can Meditate to stimulate the Pituitary and Pineal glands for an awakening and seeing the Energetic Code of our Soul’s Purpose! An Integrative Relaxation with the Planetary Venus Gong will seal our experience into our thirty trillion cells. Wahe Guru!!!

Mandeep,: Serving you to Be YOU!
Mandeep has been a Teacher of Yoga for over 20 years and Kundalini Yoga - the Yoga of Awareness - for the past 12 years. She brings into her community classes, workshops and Teacher’s Training experiences, a deep wisdom flowing from and through the light of her heart direct and pure from the legacy of the Aquarian Mastery Teachings given by Yogi Bhajan. She offers sound healing with Gongs and implements the sacred sound current of the mantras in all of her classes. Be Prepared to Feel Happy, Be Happy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy, Feel Holy, Be Holy and Just Be YOU! All levels, All Ages and All are welcome. Thank you!
Love, Mandeep

Located a the Vegas Yoga Festival
Sat, Oct 5, 9 AM – Sun, Oct 6, 6 PM PDT
Springs Preserve
333 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV