Seasonal and Moon Cycles Community Yoga Classes!

with Mandeep and Shanti Akal

Tickets are by Donation, and our ticket pricing reflects this:
$11, or  $20 couples suggested donations


Sage Hills 108 now offers Seasonal and Moon Cycle Community Classes.

The Mystical Arts and Technology of the Moon Cycles are highly valuable to experience and create awareness of our intrinsic connections to the Cosmic and Natural Cycles on Planet Earth and our Galaxy.  Increasing this awareness brings balance, intuition, and incredible alignment to our Planet’s natural rhythms which strengthen our body, mind and spirit to be Whole.  We as Humans contain if we awaken it, a perfect beam of energy that connects  the Crystalline Iron Core of our Mother Planet to the Center of our Galaxy.  Awakening and utilizing this connection is vital at this time of Evolution, both personally and Globally!  Mandeep and Shanti Akal will be teaching, sometimes singularly and sometimes together, the magnificent teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to bring us an immediate Self Exalted Experience and Authenticity of YOU!  All are Welcome and By Donation to our Community Center.

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Upcoming Events for Winter 2018


5 JAN 2019, SAT Capricorn New Moon - Saturday Solar Eclipse

15 JAN 2019, TUE 11th Day of the New Moon

20 JAN 2019, SUN Full Moon in Leo - Lunar Eclipse

4 FEB 2019, MON Aquarius New Moon

15 FEB 2019, FRI 11th Day of the New Moon ~ Valentine’s

5 MAR 2019, TUE When the Time is On You

20 MAR 2016, WED Spring Equinox - Full Worm Moon