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7/16 Thriving in Mercury Retrograde!


A Full Moon Mercury Retrograde Remedy Experience with Mandeep

Relax Folks! This Mercury Retrograde period from July 7 - 31 will be a perfect opportunity to “Be Cool, Relax, Create Meditative Balance”. We will gather this Tuesday to experience several meditations and of course a powerful Kriya to support the uniquely effective Positive/Negative Minds balancing. The Gong will be prominently featured in this class too!

What the heck is all the fuss about Mercury Retrograde anyway? Here’s a great explanation:

“The planet of the mind appears to be moving backward in the sky. As a result, it feels as if our own minds are moving backward as well! We lose our car keys, drop our phone, addresses and directions get confused, traffic is muddled and interpersonal communication is unclear. This is not a time to buy anything with mechanical or electrical parts and furthermore you should refrain from signing any contracts.When Mercury is retrograde we need to stop and rewind. It is not a time for moving forward. It is a time to review the past. Go through old boxes of photographs, clean out your closet, review old journals and get re-inspired by lyrics, quotes, or yoga books. Perhaps there is a relationship that needs re-working. Maybe there is a old flame with whom you left on difficult terms. This is an opportunity to go back and re-hash some details so that you can both move forward in a more clean and karma-free way. In addition, this is a good time to get back money that is owed to you. Collect debts and pay back debts that you owe. Return library books and get that shirt back that you lent to a friend.”

– Japa Kaur

Alright, there you have it….Let’s gather Tuesday folks. All levels, All ages, All are welcome.

Refreshments served afterwards.

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