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Akara Numerology

Mandeep practices the technology of Akara Numerology. Akara means: the Circle of Light, Circle of Infinity, that which contains everything. Through simple calculations we can better understand ourselves and the experience of our life. We can determine our inherent strengths and challenges to create a balance in life to assure the best possible success! This uplifting service is also available through web-chat or with a video sent directly to your email!

Career guidance, Relationships, Moving, are just some of the intentions to have a numerology reading.

Mandeep prefers to offer a 40 day meditation along with the Akara Numerology reading. These prescribed meditations bring insight and structure to the information that has been offered and provides even more opportunity to transform your consciousness and change your life!


Packages For Every Need:

Happy, Healthy, Holy, You!

Understanding your strengths, life-path, and potential blocks can empower you to experience a new clarity in life. Utilize your numerology reading and guidance from Mandeep to become grounded in the knowledge of who you are and achieve your highest potential.

Champion Your Obstacles

This package is perfect for anyone looking to come get out of a rut, overcome an addiction, or staying strong in their recovery. It is also an excellent option if you are experiencing difficult times and need to fortify your being to come out ahead.

Healthy Romance

Yogi Bhajan said that marriage is the highest yoga. Whether you are married, dating, or open to a new romantic relationship, guidance from your numerology reading will allow you to better understand yourself and how best to cultivate happiness and joy with your partner.

Healthy Relay-tionships to Build your Radiant Personality

This package will bring insight into your life regarding your relationships and how the RELAY that you create within each one affects and creates your personality. The exchange of energy with family, friends, coworkers, and other members of your community impacts every aspect of your life! Awareness through numerology reveals who you truly are and how you can effectively communicate and connect to others. With true authenticity, you will open yourself up to much more opportunities for love and success. 

Akara Numerology Session
60 minutes for $55

Be sure to call Mandeep at (702) 998-3117 or use the contact form to schedule your appointment.